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Wireless Apple CarPlay Smart Link USB Dongle for Android Navigation Radio Player System
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The 2019 now incorporates Apple CarPlay at the heart of its entertainment system. It takes the functionality from your iPhone and moves it to the dashboard. The benefit of this is it gives you complete integration with your phone on the go. So you are able to make phone calls, dictate and read text messages, listen to your own music tracks and use your phone’s navigation system. All of these benefit the driver.


Wireless CarPlay USB Dongle( Generation 5 ) 

​Needn't cell phone usb cable connect with the product, hand free to play CarPlay !!!

1.Intelligent Voice Control: Support Siri/Music/Maps/Phone calls/Messages/Audio books. 
The Siri function will help you call Rose or any one of your friends. 
Please notice our device's operating speed is according your phone's os speed.
2.Hands Free and Safe driving:Make/answer calls, check voice mails, text messages and bring up maps. 
Listen to your favorite songs using iTunes, Apple Music or installed apps for hands free.

Please note:

1.this wireless dongle only work for android car radio which the system above android 4.2!!!!
2.This wireless dongle only support iPhone to connect via bluetooth, if your phone is android smart phone, you still need to connect by cable!

Compatible devices:

iPhone with iOS (7.1 and above);

Android mobile phone(5.1 and above),but if your phone is android phone, still need to connect by cable!)

Car stereos with android system(4.2 and above)


Please check the APK link and install this APK in your car navigation before purchasing! If it can not be installed in your navigation, this dongle won’t work on your car!

instruction: https://youtu.be/xtdrWUkaGyg

Please pay attention to the reminders! We don’t accept the wrong purchase and initiated disputes and returns!






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Andrew Jo
Great Product and Great Services!! Super Fast Delivery! it just 5 days i get my item! Best Quality Product!
30 November 2018
Abubakar Jr.
Always the Best Product from DMP.. Thanks Daniel for the Techinical Support.. second purchase for my friend!! wish to have more bussiness with you guys! All the Best ! Thumb UP
30 November 2018
weiwei su
30 November 2018
Vincentius Nicky
great satisfaction for this screen and car play.
30 November 2018